“I Am My White Ancestors” Art Exhibit

“I Am My White Ancestors” Art Exhibit

In a collaboration between the Parish of St. John the Baptist and Oregon Episcopal School, Portland artist Anne Mavor presents “I Am My White Ancestors: Claiming the Legacy of Oppression.” The exhibit is designed to spark reflections on identity and family history, and is part of a continued commitment to build community awareness and ownership of equity and inclusion through storytelling and reflection.

Please join us for a multi-disciplinary installation of 13 life-size photographic self-portraits that explore Anne’s European-American heritage, her family, and their role in the history of race, class, colonization, and genocide. Anne’s ancestors, real and imagined, span more than 2,000 years from the Celtic Iron Age to present-day Portland. The 7′ x 5′ portraits, taken by Anne’s daughter, Jane Keating, and printed on fabric panels, are accompanied by short audio diaries from the perspective of each ancestor.

Viewers who wish to respond to the work can post at a sharing station.

The Messiah Sing-Along


It’s time for the annual Messiah Sing-Along at the Parish of St. John the Baptist!

Lift your voice and experience one of the world’s greatest musical treasures. (Or just come and listen!)

Bring your own score or use one of ours.

Scot Crandal, conductor
Fred Beal, organist
Jocelyn Claire Thomas, soprano
Lindsey Rae Johnson, mezzo-soprano
Michael McDonald, tenor
Zachary Lenox, baritone
David Eby, cello
Colin Crandal, timpani

Featuring Oregon Episcopal School’s Advanced Strings ensemble
David Eby, director

A Coulter Concert Production

Call St. John’s at (503) 245-3777 for more information.

2019 Advent Quiet Day

The annual Advent Quiet Day sponsored by the St. Benedict’s Guild will be December 7 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Parish of St. John the Baptist, Portland.

The leader for the day will be the Rev. Dr. Maria McDowell, Rector of St Philip the Deacon, Portland.  She is from the Eastern Orthodox tradition where praying with icons is simply a part of how one participates in life with God.  She invites us to bring an icon that has special meaning, “that seems to stay with you,” as she writes. There will be other icons on which you can reflect if you do not bring your own.

All are invited; there is no charge, but a free-will offering will be taken.  Breakfast will be provided and please bring a brown bag lunch.  More details from bryantr@oes.edu or players@hevanet.com or retdcleric@gmail.com.

Requiem Mass for the Rev. Deacon Julie Jensen

A Requiem Mass is scheduled for the Rev. Deacon Julie Jensen, who died July 9. The service will be held Tuesday, October 29 at 4:00 p.m. at the Parish of St. John the Baptist in Portland.
Clergy are invited to vest in white.
Parish of St. John the Baptist
6300 SW Nicol Road
Portland, OR 97223

Celebration of the Expanded Organ

St. John’s fall Coulter Concert celebrates the recent expansion of its fabled Flentrop organ. Join with the St. John’s family and fall under the sway of Bruce Neswick’s performance. Concert organist and Canon For Cathedral Music at Trinity, Portland, Mr. Neswick “is a musician whose playing vibrates with energy, is full of radiant color, and always expertly crafted”.

The Fruit of the Spirit: a Pentecost Cantata

On Pentecost Sunday, June 9, we will have a unique liturgy at the 10am liturgy, featuring a new musical work created by Scot Crandal with text by Robert Bryant. First premiered in 2018, the piece is entitled “The Fruit of The Spirit: A Pentecost Cantata” – and unsurprisingly consists of nine movements (see below for the names of the movements). The music will be part of the liturgy—some of the movements will be choral anthems, others will be sung by soloists and two movements will be sung by the congregation, hymn-style.

And in the spirit of Pentecost, everyone is encouraged to wear red!

The Choir at The Episcopal Parish of St. John the Baptist,
Scot Crandal, composer & conductor
Jocelyn Claire Thomas, soprano
Anna Rose Aroha Breuer, Mezzo-soprano
Ray Jackson, tenor
Zachary Lenox, baritone
Fred Beal, organ
Brian Thomas, piano
Kate Crandal, double bass

1. Love – Choir, Organ

2. Joy – Baritone Solo, Choir, Piano

3. Peace – Mezzo-soprano Solo, Choir, Organ

4. Patience – Hymn

5. Kindness – Quartet, Piano

6. Generosity – Hymn

7. Faithfulness – Tenor Solo, Choir, Organ

8. Gentleness – Soprano Solo,Choir, Piano

9. Self-Control – Choir, Organ, Piano