Spiritual Direction: What is it? Is it for You?

Spiritual Direction: What is it? Is it for You?

Spiritual Direction: What is it? Is it for You?

Church of the Good Samaritan
NW 35th & Harrison Streets
Bishop Katharine Lounge
September 22nd, 9:15 am and Noon

Cammie Bella will be presenting a session on Spiritual Direction:  What is it? Is it for You? on Sunday morning, September 22nd.  She’ll do this twice to accommodate those who attend the two different worship services.

We are all spiritually hungry, whether we are aware of it or not.  Some of us are seeking a companion who “listens for God” with us along our journeys.  Spiritual Direction is a venue for folks who will walk with us on this journey.  The Spiritual Director is concerned with the whole person.  Cammie will be sharing more about the practice and tradition of Spiritual Direction – what it is and what it is not. What kind of preparation/education Spiritual Directors have and how one goes about finding a Spiritual Director.

Come and hear more about it and ask if such a relationship might be a “good fit” for you on your journey.

These sessions are brought to you by your Spiritual Nurture Committee.  Cammie is a Spiritual Director, Licensed Lay Preacher, and retreat and class leader.