Labyrinth Speakers: The Labyrinth as Spiritual Tool

Labyrinth Speakers: The Labyrinth as Spiritual Tool

Join the Trinity Labyrinth Guild as we discover the benefits of walking the labyrinth and how the labyrinth works as a spiritual tool – with internationally recognized labyrinth and sacred geometry pioneer, Richard Feather Anderson. During the evening, he will explain how to engage in a seven-chakra and Holy Grail meditation that you can use the next time you walk a classic labyrinth, which can help you live in a heart-centered way. We will conclude with a question-and-answer session. Suggested donation: $15, sliding scale. Questions? Contact: Heidi Franklin at

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About the Speaker: Richard Feather Anderson is an internationally recognized pioneer in the revival of feng shui, sacred geometry, and labyrinths and was the design consultant for creating the first permanent Chartres Labyrinth in an American church at San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral. Richard was also one of the first people in America to talk about walking labyrinths for spiritual development and to develop techniques to lay them out on the ground – starting in the early 1980’s. Richard is on the faculty at the Globe Sound & Consciousness Institute and the Golden Gate Feng Shui School, both located in the San Francisco Bay Area. His writings have been published in Utne Reader, Yoga Journal and hundreds of other magazines and seven books. Learn more at

Labyrinth Speakers: Sacred Time, Sacred Space (Lars Howlett)

Join us as labyrinth builder Lars Howlett considers why labyrinths have increased in awareness and use in recent years. Learn to draw archetypal designs and explore what you hold sacred in your life. Questions? Contact Patricia Newton,

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About the presenter: Lars Howlett (Discover Labyrinths) is a professional designer and master builder of labyrinths specializing in handmade site-specific installations. He is a Veriditas Faculty Member and Certified Advanced Facilitator trained by Lauren Artress at Chartres Cathedral and former apprentice to Master Builder Robert Ferre. Lars creates exact replicas of Classical or Medieval Labyrinths using sacred geometry and firsthand research from historic sites around the world. Whether temporary or permanent, found objects or big budget, improvised or precise, Lars both honors tradition and leads a new generation in creating labyrinths around the globe.

Labyrinth Speakers Bureau: Mysteries of the Labyrinth

Architect Ronald Esquivel joins us to discuss his passion for labyrinth designs based on sacred geometry. He will discuss the energy of number, form and elements, the mystery of labyrinth design and a few of the unique designs he has created. At the end of the presentation, he will lead a finger walk on one of his designs. Register in advance:

About the speaker: Ronald Esquivel has built over 20 unique geometric labyrinths in Costa Rica, including the world’s largest contemporary labyrinth. Most of them are located in universities, schools, and public parks. They are used by groups and individuals for therapy, concentration, creativity and stress management. He has written a book in English on labyrinths: Labyrinth Design and the Energy of its Geometry. He is also a Holistic Balance Instructor, and creator of the personal growth program Biocreation. With over 20 years of experience as a facilitator, he has passionately supported thousands of people to decipher their own growth path and to find their life’s purpose. Learn more at and (English translation available)