St. Luke, Grants Pass

St. Luke, Grants Pass

Bishop Akiyama will visit with the community at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Grants Pass, OR for a visitation.

Choir Director/Organist – St. Luke’s, Grants Pass

St Luke’s Episcopal Church is seeking an organist/choir director to work with our congregation in worship. The choir director/organist needs to be familiar with traditional hymns and service music, provide Sunday anthems for the choir, rehearse with the choir in preparation for Sunday and other services. Responsibilities include playing service music and hymns on Sundays along with the occasional anthem, rehearsing weekly with the choir for anthem study and hymn review, playing for memorials, and communicating with our pastor for hymn selection and special music choices.

Salary:  $800.00 per month gross (Negotiable)

Please contact Reverend Ernestein Flemister at if you are interested in applying.

Congregation Close-up: St. Luke’s, Grants Pass

By the Rev. Ernestein Flemister, rector

St. Luke’s is excited about becoming more active in our outreach. We are a part of the Grants Pass community and we want to show up in and for our community. A part of our call as disciples of Jesus is to live in witness to the “Good News” that Jesus Christ shared with us. That Good News is not just for us within the four walls of our church, we want to be nurturing of all of God’s people. We don’t want to show up in a way that says we will do this for you but in and through partnerships that listens and finds out how we fit in and how we can help.

We had our vestry retreat in January and we began to discuss things that we thought would interest the congregation in getting more involved with the community of Grants Pass. In our efforts to get moving, the vestry establish three committees: Outreach, Social Justice and Fund Raising. We talked to the congregation and asked them to volunteer for the committee that interested them.  The Outreach Committee received a good number of volunteers and have suggested ideas to get us up and running. The approach is to build more relationships in the community where we ask what their needs are and determine ways in which we can become an active and committed part of helping to make Grants Pass a home for everyone.

Pillowcases sewn by members of St. Luke’s Quilting Group for children in the foster care system.

Two ideas in particular have gathered steam: in conjunction with partners in the area we are finding out if a monthly breakfast for the community is needed.  The other idea is to renovate our basement, install washing machines and dryers to allow the homeless to have a place to wash and dry their clothes without cost to them.

We are forming partnerships with other churches and community organizations to maximize resources so they can reach the most people. We are excited about the possibilities of our outreach efforts and we pray that God will bless our efforts so that we can be a blessing to our community. As we make efforts to contribute to Grants Pass, I believe that we will grow in God’s spirit and show generosity to those who need our love and support.

May God prosper the works of our hands.

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