Marriage Information

Marriage Information

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 Officiating a wedding in the Episcopal Church in Western Oregon

All clergy performing weddings must:

  • Ensure that premarital sessions will take place before the wedding, and identify the person who will conduct these sessions.
  • Submit this form confirming that both parties to be married are free to marry, i.e. if divorced, they must present confirmation of divorce being final (dates, place of filing, name of ex-spouse). Submit these forms via email to Tracy Esguerra.
  • Identify the Episcopal congregation in our diocese at which the marriage will be recorded.
    • If you are not the clergyperson at that church, please contact the clergy in charge to gain access to enter the marriage in that church registry.

For clergy outside of the diocese who wish to perform a wedding at a church in the Diocese of Oregon, you must receive permission of the Bishop by emailing Tracy Esguerra, the Executive Assistant to the Bishop.