Financial Resources

Financial Resources

Welcome to the Finance Resource and information page. It is our goal to provide our churches and their hard-working financial and administrative personnel with as many documents, forms, links and current information as possible.

Fiscal Policies & Procedures: This presentation was given at Convention by McDonald Jacobs, the auditing firm that does the annual audit for the Diocesan finances.  The presentation covers best practices for internal financial controls. Please feel free to use this presentation for your vestry, and administrative staff. Click here to download the presentation.

For questions about DPA relief and process, please contact the Rev. Chris Craun at

For 2022, the mileage reimbursement rates for the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon are:

  • 62.5 cents per mile for diocesan staff being reimbursed for miles driven for staff business.
  • 38.25 cents per mile for clergy and lay people who are not diocesan staff but who are engaged in Diocesan Committee and Commission business. (NOTE:  This is the median rate between the IRS reimbursement rates for business and charitable purposes.  See IRS rates below.)

For reference purposes, here is the IRS publication regarding mileage reimbursements for 2022 found at

If you are looking for the Diocesan Budget, Grants and Loans available, or Investment information (including the Diocesan Investment Fund and Socially Responsible Investment Fund) please visit our newly create Diocesan Finance & Investment page located under our Administrative tab.