People of the Diocese: Jackee Martinez

People of the Diocese: Jackee Martinez

Jackee, far right, with other attendees at the Deputies of Color gathering.
Jackee, far right, with other attendees at the Deputies of Color Conference.

This summer is the 79th Annual General Convention of The Episcopal Church in Austin, Texas. Deputies from the Diocese of Oregon were elected at our 128th Annual Convention in 2016, and are beginning their preparations for this important time of fellowship and church administration.

Jackee Martinez is a member of St. John the Divine, Springfield and one of our diocesan deputies. She shares the following reflection on why she is participating in General Convention.

I wanted to be a deputy to be a part of the decision making process for The Episcopal Church. I wanted to have my voice heard when it comes to the resolutions I am passionate about and that would have a direct impact on me and my culture and gender.

Going to the Deputies of Color Conference in Austin this last weekend I learned that we are under represented in the entire diocese not because of any other reason other than people of color have not run for elections. Also, there are many resolutions that need the voice of colored deputies because of the different points of views from a colored perspective. This was an excellent experience for me because I got to meet many people who are very passionate about growing The Episcopal Church in diversity and positivity.

I am looking forward to General Convention to see how the process of change happens as well as how Episcopalians as a group come together to make the Jesus Movement a reality in the world. I am also looking forward to seeing how one of the biggest conventions is organized and executed, as well as seeing my new friends again.