Oregon Phase 2 Gathering Guidelines

Oregon Phase 2 Gathering Guidelines


As the State of Oregon wrestles with understanding what is necessary to address our communities’ safety, their guidelines for reopening have changed. All congregations that have or plan to open need to be compliant with state and relevant county guidelines.

Below are the most recent guidelines for event operators and gatherings, both of which are applicable for churches. These guidelines are applicable for counties in Phase 1 and Phase 2. Specific questions regarding state regulations and local guidelines should be addressed with your county’s Public Health office.

If you have already submitted a plan, please adjust your practices to meet these new standards. If you have not yet submitted a plan, please address these required components in your plan to reengage your building.

Some of the highlighted changes include requirements that churches:

  • Post signs throughout facility with symptoms and encouraging people to go home if sick
  • Post signs throughout facility with info on who to contact if someone gets sick
  • Provide hand sanitizer throughout
  • Require reservations or advanced tickets
  • Determine maximum occupancy of each indoor and outdoor area using 35 square feet per person
  • Assign physical distancing monitor
  • Use specific EPA approved disinfectants
  • Assign sanitation attendant

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