October 2018 Preparedness Checklist: Episcopal Asset Map

October 2018 Preparedness Checklist: Episcopal Asset Map

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From our Disaster Preparedness Program coordinator Sheryl Gerety (sheryl.gerety@gmail.com): a monthly, seasonally appropriate checklist page to help us tackle preparing for a disaster in manageable steps.


Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD) sends people and resources for development in areas where hunger, poverty, disaster, disease are hurting communities. Their work is worldwide. In the United States, the Episcopal Asset Map is a valuable tool for coordinating relief operations. The parishes of the Diocese of Oregon can now engage with ERD by submitting online the data, the information, the ministries, the location relative to other parishes that the Asset Map makes accessible. Sharing resources, directing resources, establishing communications where needed will enhance disaster recovery and relief efforts being made through local channels in the event of our next natural disaster.

What is the Asset Map?

  • New in town? It is a search engine for the location of Episcopal churches nation wide, rather like Google.
  • Looking for an Episcopal Church with missions and programs that fit your talents? It is a directory that can supply detailed information about a church, its ministries, its services and more.
  • Organizing to help neighbors and offer community support during a disaster? It is a list of contacts and resources, church by church, in the event of a local to regional disaster.
  • Looking for support from ERD? It is one effective means of communicating with and coordinating relief to parishes through ERD.

When should my church join?

  • Now is the time. Every parish in the Oregon Diocese should post basic info now, completing the survey form at the web site.
    Add detail as needed: new pastor, ministry development, changes in email addresses, Facebook and other social media addresses need to be routinely updated.

Where is the Asset Map?

Why should we join?

  • Make yourselves known to community and to newcomers.
  • Join the nationwide directory.
  • Access contact info to people doing great work in ministries in the United States.

How do we join?

The disaster coordinator for your parish, a staff person or a parishioner need only long in to the Asset Map, set up an account with email address and password. If you need more information before starting, contact Annette Rankin arrmft@gmail.com for help and instructions.

What we are reading and watching:

Episcopal Relief and Development: What We Do
Episcopal Relief and Development: US Disaster Programs
Episcopal Relief and Development: What Can We Do

Contact Info:
Sheryl Gerety sheryl.gerety@gmail.com
Annette Rankin arrmft@gmail.com
Episcopal Relief and Development https://www.episcopalrelief.org
Episcopal Asset Map https://www.episcopalassetmap.org