Mission and Resources

Mission and Resources

Mission Statement:

We represent Jesus Christ by acknowledging the truth of our role in the sins of racism, oppression, and cruelty and ask for God’s and our siblings’ forgiveness. Facing the truths and legacies of our actions and repenting of the sin of racism, together we will seek reconciliation and healing.

Adopted Nov. 21, 2020, Rev. Mtr. Alcena Boozer. Moved, Hana Rubens. Seconded, With All members voting in favor.

Resources and links

Below is a list of suggested anti-racism resources from the Engaging Racial Justice Working Group. This is not a comprehensive list, but a good place to start. Also, feel free to contact the Rev. Jeanne Kaliszewski, Co-convener, or the Leadership with any questions or suggestions.

Visit the Facebook group to review meeting activities, ERJWG developments, and ideas shared from members.