May 2018: Advanced Warning Systems

May 2018: Advanced Warning Systems

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From our Disaster Preparedness Program coordinator Sheryl Gerety ( a monthly, seasonally appropriate checklist page to help us tackle preparing for a disaster in manageable steps.

In May’s checklist, we look at both private and public monitoring systems in place and/or planned throughout the Diocese. Earthquakes, while not seasonal, may actually correlate with spring tides, making them an ever present possibility. Flooding is currently a concern in the rain-heavy Spring season, and in the future we will see increasingly high rainfall totals as global warming strengthens. Finally, fire season is about to start.

Earthquake and Tsunami Centers and Services

Engage politically: ShakeAlert passed the House in 2017 and is currently waiting for action from the Senate.
Earthquake Alarm systems:
Phone apps: for smart phone users to provide early warnings through government- and crowd-sourced technology
County early warning systems are available on a county by county basis

Flood and Flash Flood Warnings and Services

Load apps: for smart phone users AccuWeather, NOAA Weather Radar, National Weather, Weather Underground and many others provide watch and warning notices either free or for a nominal fee.
Review your plan: prepare your home and make a plan complete with safe behaviors at

Wildfire Alerts

Load apps: Wildfire Info, Wildfire RadarFire Finder and others are available free or for a nominal fee
Turn on your TV or radio: emergency watches and warnings broadcast weather updates and emergency instructions
Review safety tips: prepare your home and plan your emergency evacuation at

What we are reading:

Warning systems:
Tides and earthquakes:
10 Best Dystopian Novels 2018: (Ready Player One at No. 5 is developing a reputation for being an exceptionally good read)