Full-time Rector, St. Gabriel the Archangel, Portland

Full-time Rector, St. Gabriel the Archangel, Portland


St. Gabriel the Archangel is a welcoming, friendly and loving community, enriched by the diversity of our congregation.  Our church is a safe haven where we can express joy, gratitude and an appreciation for people who come from different walks of life seeking the love of Jesus Christ.

St. Gabriel the Archangel was established in 1983 and prior to the impact of COVID-19 our average Sunday attendance was approximately 140 parishioners.  We enjoy a hybrid church with both in person and Zoom services.  Since using Zoom we have expanded our reach to friends and family in Arizona, Montana, Florida, New York and London England.  We are able to spread the word of Jesus Christ well beyond what we thought possible.  

In the past we have been blessed with rectors who have been approachable, leaders, who were loving compassionate and had a sense of humor.  These qualities are desirable for our new rector as well.  We are looking for a candidate with strong administrative qualities and a communicator with excellent pastoral skills, meeting parishioners where they are on their spiritual journey.  Our outreach opportunities and growth of the church and the messages of Jesus Christ are also important goals for our congregation.  The capacity of innovation to lead our congregation into where the Holy Spirit calls us is vital.

We are a congregation of both theologically progressive and conservative views coexisting in a safe and welcoming environment.  We also have a range of views regarding social justice issues and need these issues to be tactfully incorporated into preaching the Gospel in a way that opens hearts, encourages respectful dialog and leads us to take focused action.

Our worship is always focused on God’s praise, presence, and glory.  We look forward to sermons that inspire and enlighten us, gives us some things to ponder, and helps us see the presence of God in our lives during the coming week.  Music is an important and internal part of our worship experience as well and we look forward to it.

The church is situated 20 minutes west of Portland and within 10 minutes from the campus’ of Intel and Nike.  We are blessed with a modern and beautiful sanctuary that looks out to our memorial garden providing a feeling of tranquility that heightens our closeness to God. We have an exterior labyrinth, childrens’ play area, and community garden.  We also have vacant land that could be developed all with inspiring views of the Oregon coast range.  

We are a committed congregation that has always come together.  During this time of transition it has been no different as our ministries and programs are thriving and new technologies are embraced.  We would like our new rector to encourage, inspire and support ministries while encouraging future lay  leadership.  We will look forward to working together in developing and articulating an expanded vision for our church, St. Gabriel the Archangel.

Please review our Parish website: https://stgabrielonline.org/

To apply, send your resume, OTM Ministry Portfolio, and a cover letter to the Rev. Chris Craun at chrisc@diocese-oregon.org; tel: (971) 204-4116.