Data-Grounded Discernment for Leadership Transition Planning


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Data-Grounded Discernment for Leadership Transition Planning

September 29, 2021 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am

This webinar is hosted by FaithX – you can register for the webinar here.


Webinar Description:

As anyone who’s been around during a transition to a new pastor or judicatory leader knows, looking for a new leader can be a lengthy and expensive process. So many things to be done and processes to go through. Surveying members, interviewing current and past leaders clergy and lay leaders to gain an understanding of corporate history, holding listening sessions, working with consultants, developing a profile, and more. All these things and more are frequently may be part of your discernment process. Juggling all of them can feel overwhelming at times.

All these things may be necessary parts finding a new leader. But they may not be sufficient.

They may help us find A LEADER. But they may not help us find THE LEADER WE NEED.

If we don’t bring objective data into the process – about ourselves and the communities we serve – our biases, our blind spots, and our desire to make a good impression may lead us to develop an idealized picture of who we and our communities really are. And our search profile will end up looking like it’s describing Lake Wobegon: Where the women are strong, the men good looking, and the children are all above average.

In this webinar, we will explore how maps and data-grounded demographics can help you assess the “real world” in which you and your new leader will live and minister:

  • Who are we… really? How vital and sustainable? What are our strengths and weaknesses?
  • Who are our neighbors… really? What and where are the challenges and opportunities in our neighborhoods? What are the local assets and who are potential collaborators?
  • How might this information help you discern what God is calling you to be and to do under new leadership?
  • How might this information be valuable to candidates discerning a call to be your leader?

And we will have special guests that will speak to this issue from both sides of the search process (searcher and searchee).

Take home tools include:

  • Neighborhood Missional Intelligence Report for your area.
  • Two demographic maps of your neighborhoods.


  • Individual: $19.95/ticket
  • Group: $16.95/ticket (5 or more)
  • Webinar + Take home resources & 30-min mini-consult: add $80 (normally $500). Participants receive 2-page infographic Neighborhood Missional Intelligence Report and two neighborhood demographic maps.

Host: Ken Howard, FaithX Executive Director & Principal Consultant

Co-Hosts: Steve Matthews & Mary Francis (FaithX Senior Consultants)

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