Electing Convention Delegates

Electing Convention Delegates

a ballot box for collecting votes from convention delegates sites on the floor next to a chair and a set of feet in black shoes and socks
A ballot box used by Convention Delegates to submit their votes rests on the floor next to a chair and feet in black shoes and socks.

As we enter the season of congregational annual meetings, our churches will elect delegates to attend two conventions in 2020. The Electing Convention is Saturday, June 27 at Trinity Cathedral, Portland, and the Diocesan Convention October 29 – 31 at the Salem Convention Center.

Below are the abbreviated canonical rules about electing delegates. Please note the names of the delegates are to be sent to the diocesan office within 30 days of their election. This assists us in planning and preparing the many logistics of the convention, such as delegate packets, nametags, and electronic voting devices.

Consider delegates who will make time to prepare for each convention. For the Electing Convention, this includes attending a Walkabout session to learn more about the bishop candidates. Preparation for Diocesan Convention occurs at convocation meetings and through attention to diocesan communications.

Abbreviated Canonical Rules About Electing Convention Delegates

(For the full rules, consult the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon Canon 1.3)

  • The Lay Delegates from each congregation shall be elected by its Annual Meeting, unless the congregation’s by-laws make other provisions.
  • Delegates shall be communicants in good standing in the Parishes and Missions they represent, and shall be at least 16 years of age. Alternates shall be elected in the same manner, with the same qualifications.
  • Each Delegate shall serve for a period of one year from election or until a successor is chosen.
  • Notice of the election of Delegates shall be sent by the congregation to the Secretary of Convention within 30 days of their election.

The Transition Committee and Diocesan Staff appreciate your cooperation.  With two conventions, the Presiding Bishop’s visit in June, and vacations, your timely submission of delegate names will facilitate smooth completion of our preparatory duties.

Thank you,
The Transition Committee

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