Diocesan Website Initiative Update

Diocesan Website Initiative Update

I've got a great website.

In 2012 we began the website initiative to assist our churches (as well as programs we support) in their efforts to establish an online presence. To date we have 2o churches, programs, and organizations running their websites on our server. When we started this enterprise, WordPress was the platform of choice for building those sites. There were several reasons for this: It was widely supported because it was open-source and there were literally thousands of developers working on it; it was essentially free, though there many selling their development work in premium packages, the overwhelming majority of themes and plugins and the like are free; and lastly, our hosting company allowed easy “one-click” installs of the basic package.

One of the other underlying arguments for doing this hosting was moving registration of church domains to our hosting company. We became aware that many churches simply did not have control of their domain names or the hosting company. Records were lost, people moved, passwords misplaced, and sometimes the domain name just never got renewed. By centralizing the registration of those domain names we hoped that some confusion could be eliminated. And, to a huge degree, that has been the case. But, some really important changes have taken place in the world of website building.

Many people in the website development world realized that as wonderful as WordPress is, it can be daunting for the new user for doing anything more that putting up a blog. So some new development platforms started to appear and they are very easy to use even for the website novice. Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace seem to be the most popular of the bunch, but there is also SiteBuildier.com, Websitebuilder.com, and several others that can also do the job. We here in communications at the diocese say, “Go for it.”

For any churches that want to develop on a different platform, that is just wonderful. We will help by maintaining your registration (and charging you yearly for that registration) so that you can be sure you won’t lose that domain. We will also point that domain at the host/builder you have used to develop your site. If it is just the site you want pointed in the right direction and still want us to maintain your email boxes, that is no problem as well. What ever you need, we will try to help. What we will not be doing is offering technical support for sites not hosted on our server, but the other hosting/builder sites have their own support systems, so for any who choose to go this way, that should not be a problem, so do not worry. Keep in mind that our hosting is free of charge and the other hosts/builders will be charging you a fee at some point (unless you don’t mind their ads on your website).

So, that is the webhosting news from the Bishop’s Close. We hope we have helped you in making good choices for your site hosting and building and please feel free to email jtq@diocese-oregon.org with any questions.

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