Criminal Justice Sunday/Sabbath

Criminal Justice Sunday/Sabbath

jail-1817900_1920The Prison Ministry Commission  invites you to make space for people impacted by the criminal justice system – in your hearts and in your schedule. Dedicate a day of your community’s life together to think about, pray about, learn about, and act for the people with lived experience of our justice system: offenders, victims of crime, legal and corrections staff, law enforcement, and the families of all these people. This year, we invite you to hold a Criminal Justice Sabbath on any day in January (or any time that works in your community’s calendar). Download the 2017 Criminal Justice Sabbath Guide for resources for worship, preaching, adult education, and action.

Faith leaders, Spiritual Directors, Outreach or Mission committees, teachers, education groups, and individuals
: please read and use this guide in your community, to learn and act for justice.

Find the full text of sermons other faith leaders have given for Criminal Justice Sabbath:
There is Good News Even in a Broken System
2016 Sabbath Resource Guide – three sermons included

Join other congregations statewide in holding a Criminal Justice Sabbath this year!
First Congregational Church of Eugene
St. Mary’s Episcopal Church of Eugene

Email us at if your congregation thinks it may want to take part in Criminal Justice Sabbath, so we can add you to this list of participants!