Congregation Close-up: St. Matthias, Cave Junction

Congregation Close-up: St. Matthias, Cave Junction

st matthias cave junction square

By the Rev. Bryant C. Bechtold, long-term supply priest

St. Matthias Episcopal Church has represented a viable Episcopal presence in both Cave Junction and the Illinois Valley since the early 1950s. Like many parishes, the congregational fortunes have ebbed and flowed over the years. Currently, we are a very small but dedicated congregation that is determined to add to the valued history of St. Matthias’ presence in this area of southwest Oregon.

I would characterize St. Matthias by two areas of ministry: worship and social outreach. Each Sunday we do our best to offer sound worship that reflects the best of the Episcopal Church’s rich liturgical tradition. We believe that our major task as a parish is to gather together in fellowship to worship God by glorifying and praising his most holy name. We find that sharing together in worship strengthens us as a family and defines all else that we do as a people of God.

Our parish is perhaps best known for our Harvest Kitchen, which provides a substantial lunch two days a week to our community. While some in Cave Junction do not approve or appreciate this ministry (in fact someone once referred to our parish as nothing but a glorified soup kitchen), we believe profoundly in our Lord’s call to serve those in need without passing judgement on who they are or what their particular lifestyle might be. It is our belief that both our parish and the patrons of the Harvest Kitchen are able to grow in love and knowledge of our Lord through this vital ministry to our community. We are satisfied if the patrons of the Harvest Kitchen—when they look at us as we greet them with a smile, hello and meal—can see in us the face of Christ.