Congregation Close-up: St. John the Evangelist, Milwaukie

Congregation Close-up: St. John the Evangelist, Milwaukie

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By Barbara C. Bullard and Mary L. Dettman

St. John the Evangelist Milwaukie

St. John the Evangelist in Milwaukie is one of the oldest churches in Oregon. Its first service was held on Wednesday, December 10, 1851. St. John’s has remained at the same location in downtown Milwaukie since its inception.

St. John’s is a parish in transition seeking to grow and meet the needs of our current and new parish members, the community of Milwaukie, and beyond.

Currently we connect with the local community through our Feed the Hungry program that has provided meals every Sunday since 1991. The Children’s Clothing Center which provides new clothing to children referred by various Clackamas County agencies and schools. We partner with Rahab’s Sisters of Portland by donating personal hygiene supplies and occasional Friday night meals. St. John’s also hosts Milwaukie First Friday Poetry from May to October each year.

We as a parish are working towards the answers to the following questions as we assess our strengths and weaknesses on the road to revitalizing St. John’s: What does God want us to do? How are we energized by faith? Do we have an outward-looking focus? What is the cost of change and growth? Does St. John’s operate as a community? Do we make room for all?  And evaluate the things we do in worship and the community; what do we do well, could these things be improved upon, and what more is God calling us to do? 20 parishioners have been working closely with our rector Rev. Dr. Deborah R. Brown seeking answers to these questions and are inviting the entire parish membership to join us as we revitalize St. John’s. We have been guided in our studies by “The Healthy Churches’ Handbook A process for revitalizing your churchby Robert Warren.

The friendly folk of St. John’s invite you to join us.

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