Congregation Close-up: Ascension, Portland

Congregation Close-up: Ascension, Portland

Rev Craig Eucharist with children

Nestled In the hills of southwest Portland, Ascension Episcopal Parish’s motto is “traditional worship in an intimate setting.”  Indeed, they are the only all-Rite I Parish in our diocese, and their historic chapel (built in 1889) seats less than a hundred people. Many parishioners are especially drawn to Ascension to experience and celebrate this beautiful style of worship.  At the same time, an important theme of their ministry is to add a modern, accessible and relevant atmosphere in the midst of traditional worship. The hope and prayer is for all to feel welcome at Ascension, whether young or old, recently joined or cradle Episcopalian, with an emphasis upon being a place of Christian worship and a refuge for the neighborhood and greater community.

Andrea Rosselle, master art teacher at Oregon Episcopal School, recently joined Ascension as their Artist in Residence. Andrea offers bi-weekly Sunday School classes to youth, in which she teaches theology and liturgy through art. The Sunday School children love these classes, and parishioners relish seeing what the children learn through their beautiful art creations.

Ascension has forged a dynamic and healthy collaboration of lay and clergy leadership, due in no small part to the part time status of their Rector, the Reverend Phillip Craig. Vestry members (and parishioners) are actively engaged in facilitating the ministries of the Parish, and there is a palpable air of joy and connection every Sunday morning.

Worshipping God in the beauty of holiness is at the heart of Ascension Episcopal Parish’s ministry. Through music, art, and attention to the details of their building, Ascension seeks to praise God in a setting that values every worshipper.

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