Becoming Beloved Community Week 2: Proclaiming the Dream

Becoming Beloved Community Week 2: Proclaiming the Dream

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The Rev. Dcn. Maureen Hagen reads a portion of “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” in the chapel at the diocesan office during the Eucharist.

Proclaiming the dream is a hope-filled reminder that our work around inclusion and justice is grounded in our understanding of God’s vision for God’s creation. Biblical images of the Peaceable Kingdom, Beloved Community, the Kingdom of Heaven… all these come together in a common vision for the world as it should be. As followers of Jesus, we are called to participate in the embodiment of this dream.

This week on our diocesan Lenten series I’m please to share yet another excelent resource on practicing and becoming Beloved Community, “Becoming Beloved Community Where You Are: A Resource for Individuals, Congregations and Communities.” Just as our diocesan program speaks of this as a framework around which to understand and engage on justice, inclusion and reconciliation as a way of life, this resource offers a plethora of ideas to be adapted as suitable in our various local environments.

Given last week’s snow and ice in the metro area, our Eucharist focused on Dr. Martin Luther King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” was rescheduled and held yesterday (click here to watch video of this Eucharist and discussion). Many thanks to those who participated, as well as congregations and individuals who read the letter and participated in discussion groups throughout the diocese. What did you learn? What surprised you?  What does this letter invite you to do, be or change?

Blessings in the journey,
The Rev. Patricia Steagall
Diocesan Coordinator for Diverse Church