An Eastertide Blessing

An Eastertide Blessing


Easter Blessings to you all!

The Rev. John Scannell occasionally does the Eucharist for us at the Bishop’s Close on a Wednesday. He was here this week and preached a wonderful homily about the Road to Emmaus. I enjoyed and was helped by his words. This is often the gift we receive as we worship together. He reminded us that Easter is seven weeks long and that the challenge is to practice Resurrection for all of the next seven weeks – and indeed all year.

I pray you are able to see glimpses of Christ on the road these next few weeks and that they may strengthen you for the work of ministry in the name of Jesus Christ. One of the stated Core Values of the Diocese of Oregon is: “Living in and sharing God’s abundance in thankfulness for the riches we have.” I pray we are all able to live into this Core Value as we move through Eastertide. I admit that sometimes I find it easier to dwell on the challenges of life and to thereby miss that which is good and holy and healthy. I do not plan to do that these next few weeks. The challenges will be there, they always are, but so are the blessings if we but take the time to see them.

One of the challenges I now face is a small medical one and it has caused me to cancel a trip to Chicago to be present at an event concerning gun violence. I am sorry to be missing that event and I encourage you to pray with me for those who will be there to learn about gun violence and to witness to Chicago and the nation that there are things we need to do in this society to keep people safe from the violence that occurs with the use of firearms.

As Fr. Scannell also reminded us this morning, the disciples who encountered Jesus on the road not only receive a blessing in their time with Jesus, but they also ran back to the other disciples of Jesus and shared the good news with them. May you be able to share the good news of God’s presence in your life this Eastertide.

Thank you, John, for your wisdom; you were a blessing to the diocesan staff today.

With hope for a Blessed Eastertide,