Diocesan Council

Diocesan Council

The Diocesan Council is the body of lay and clergy members of the diocese authorized by the canons of the diocese to “administer the missionary, educational, and social service work of the Church” in the Diocese of Oregon. The bishop presides at the meetings. Diocesan Council oversees the creation of a budget each year to carry out this work, and has authority to create and prescribe the duties of program ministries and committees in support of the mission of the church in the diocese.

Membership of Diocesan Council is comprised of the bishop, the secretary, lay and clergy representatives elected by all convocations of the diocese to serve a one-year term, and lay and clergy members elected by Convention to serve a three-year term.

The Diocesan Council meetings are once a quarter on Saturdays. The 2021 dates are: March 27, June 5, September 18, and December 4. The Diocesan Council, Standing Committee, & Board of Trustees meet together three times a year.

The members of Diocesan Council:

Staff Members:

    • The Rt. Rev. Diana Akiyama, Bishop
    • The Rev. Canon Neysa Ellgren Shepley, Secretary
    • Dee Anne Isham (Diocesan Staff - Controller)

Term Ending 2021:

    • The Rev. Doug Hale (St. John, Bandon)
    • Margie Louws (Christ Church, St. Helens)
    • The Rev. Jaime Sanders (Christ Church, St. Helens)
    • Terrie Scharfer (St. Mary's, Eugene)

Term Ending 2022:

    • Mary Adams (St. Thomas, Eugene) - Central Convocation Rep.
    • The Rev. Jonna Alexander (St. Andrew, Portland) - Metro-East Convocation Rep.
    • Edith Arriaga-Flores (St. Michael & All Angels, Portland)
    • Gwen Best (Holy Spirit, Sutherlin) - Southern Convocation Rep.
    • Bud Furber (St. Gabriel, Portland) - Sunset Convocation Rep.
    • The Rev. Ann Gaillard (St. Thomas, Eugene) - Central Convocation Rep.
    • Nancy Hakala (Grace, Astoria) - Columbia Convocation Rep.
    • The Rev. Fred Heard (St. Thomas, Dallas) - Willamette Convocation Rep.
    • The Rev. Marlene Mutchler (St. Bede's, Forest Grove)
    • Linda O'Hara (St. Barnabas, McMinnville) - Willamette Convocation Rep.
    • Maria Pastrana (St. Mary's, Eugene)
    • The Rev. Meredith Pech (Trinity, Ashland) - Southern Convocation Rep.
    • The Rev. Alison Schultz (Christ Church, Lake Oswego) - Sunset Convocation Rep.

Term Ending 2023:

    • The Rev. Ryan Baker-Fones (St. Mary's, Eugene)
    • Megan Brazo-Erickson (Trinity Cathedral, Portland)
    • Ann Frazier (St. Francis of Assisi, Wilsonville)
    • The Rev. Diane Higgins (Calvary, Seaside)