Budget and Financial Information

Budget and Financial Information

The annual budget of the Diocese of Oregon is presented to delegates at Convention for approval by vote.

The previously published Proposed Budget was revised by Diocesan Council at their meeting Saturday, September 25th.  The Council adjusted the COLA and authorized use of anticipated 2020 surplus funds to support our mission in 2021.  The Revised Proposed Budget is the same as the Preliminary Budget sent out to all the Convocations for review with the following adjustments:

  • A portion of the expected surplus from the 2020 budget was added to Other Income and Transfers
  • The COLA was adjusted to 2.3% as approved by Council at their September 25th meeting
  • The estimated medical benefits were increased to 5.44% based on the latest briefing from insurance providers

2021 Diocesan Budget

2021 Proposed Diocesan Budget – Approved

2021 Diocesan Budget Narrative

2021 Budget Process and Timeline

Process and Timeline 2021