Our Logo and Shield

Our Logo and Shield

The Logo

Episcopal Diocese of Oregon logo

The logo for the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon draws on one of The Episcopal Church’s most common architectural features - stained glass windows - to bring together the picture of a community that is diverse but united, centered in celebrating and proclaiming the love of God in Christ.

The overall logo shape as well as the cross at the center of the logo echo The Episcopal Church shield while bringing in curved shapes that communicate a sense of warmth and welcome.

Multiple colors and the differently sized and misaligned quadrants of the heart highlight the individuality and diversity found within our people and churches, while our commitment to God, symbolized by the central cross of Christ created by the overlapping pieces, holds us together in an imperfect, eccentric, and loving community.

In the logo, we use to bright, lively colors: the blue of the water and the green of the trees, which are such important features of our environment; a strong Episcopal red; and a cheery yellow - because despite the stereotypes, we do get a fair amount of sunshine here in western Oregon! The specific shades were chosen to correspond with the branding colors of The Episcopal Church, which are featured throughout their website and other media.

This logo captures the community-oriented spirit of our churches and communicates the heart of what we really mean when we say, “The Episcopal Diocese of Oregon welcomes you!”

For use of the logo and high quality vectors please contact Alli Gannett, Director of Communications. Please be sure to read our Diocesan Communications Guide for restrictions with regards to using the diocesan logo.

The Shield

The Corporate Seal of the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon was adopted at the 1908 Convention.

As was customary at the time, the shapes, concepts, and designs behind the process are of heraldic origin. The seals and shields of the many dioceses of The Episcopal Church truly are of a piece. The shape is almost identical from one to another; it is called a vesica, and is the tailless, finless fish of the early church.

The image of the seal is taken from the bronze casting that is mounted at the entrance to The Bishop's Close, the administrative office of the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon. Rather than color it with the original heraldic colors, it is used in a gray-scale formula.

The Corporate Seal's use is limited to official documents and as the basis for the Diocesan Seal ring worn by the bishop.

For use of the seal please contact Alli Gannett, Director of Communications.