2019 Grant Application from Commission on Poverty and Homelessness

2019 Grant Application from Commission on Poverty and Homelessness

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The Commission on Poverty and Homelessness is experimenting with a new timeline for grants. The application is now available and you may immediately begin sending in your proposals. The application deadline is September 30. The Commission will meet the following week to review and do the grants; we hope to have the checks out the following week. In the meantime please note that the proposal information will remain substantially the same. We are eager to hear your plans for serving  the Beloved Community and to assist you however we can. It is such a privilege and a blessing to walk with you in your vital work meeting Holy Needs.

Click the following link to download the application: Commission on Poverty and Homeless 2019 Grant Application

This Fund supports many projects, including food pantries, community gardens, medical clinics, and homeless shelters. The Fund especially seeks to support new ministries that involve children and youth, involve community partners, or display innovative ways of addressing poverty’s many challenges.

We encourage your congregation to assess your current direct-relief and advocacy efforts and to consider ways in which you can be more effective in addressing the needs in your community.

Grants are limited to $1,000 per congregation. The projects must have active parishio­ner involvement. We especially encourage new requests and ones that try new approaches (such as an after-school program for enriching children’s lives or a language skills program). We do not fund salaries or capital improvements.

The CPH Fund grants are supported by the basket raffle at diocesan Convention and the Thanksgiving Offering of the churches of the diocese.