2018 Pentecost Offering Grant Application

2018 Pentecost Offering Grant Application


Canon 5.4 of the Diocese, section 4, reads:

An offering shall be taken in each Parish and Mission of the Diocese upon Pentecost Sunday, which shall be transmitted to the Treasurer of the Diocese. The offering shall be used as designated by D​iocesan Council.

Over the years, Diocesan Council has designated the Pentecost Offering for a variety of different types and numbers of ministries. Historically, the designations have held in balance the two different and yet related interpretations of the Spirit of Pentecost. On the one hand, Pentecost is the birthday of the Church. In this spirit, the offering or a portion of the offering has often been designated for “bricks and mortar.” On the other hand, Pentecost is the great baptismal feast that expresses the empowerment of Christians to be Jesus in the world. Our proposal is that each year the Pentecost offering is divided equally into small grants awarded to two ministries, each representing one of these two expressions of the Spirit of Pentecost. 

The deadline for applications is May 18, 2018.

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